Aromatised Wine Base Bevarage – iesvin premium


Company wine Ibarra Esvín comes up with a new special aromatized wine, which will distinctly become leader of the company ́s products.

From “lost” barrels in the winery for long years, arises now as a very limited edition becoming a wine that with no doubt will talk about: A Reserve with lots of nuances.

Its essence of vegetation and Mediterranean’s aromas comes from a natural maceration based on an ancient herbs and spices` recipe.

Tasting notes

Brown mahogany colour with an orange rim showing its aging oak for years.


Emphasizes the maceration with sharp and sleek herbs, slightly balsamic. Aromas are complex with bits of liquorice, spices, pepper, wormwood, clove, toasted, raisins and fruits in alcohol.


Subtle sweet, not at all cloying, with a light touch of bitterness. Very silky, its flavour is light, smooth and a great lingering finish that invites you for another glassful. Chamomile, bitter orange, laurel, gential, cinnamon.

Despite its old age and harmony, its balanced acidity delivers an interesting freshness. It is slightly bitter and persistent with a long and velvety aftertaste.