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Moscato is a natural aromatized wine made with moscato grapes in accordance with E.E.C Regulations, 10 June 1991.

Ingredients: White wine, 140 g/l sugars, natural aromas from moscato grapes.

Analysis: 14 % ABV. 22 % total ABV. Density (20-20) 1,036 SO2 (sulfur dioxide) <150 ppm. Total acidity 60-70 m. equivalents volatile acidity <16 m. equivalents sucrose 90g/l, another sugars 50g/l

Organoleptic evaluation: Golden yellow color with delicate moscato flavours and lovely sweet wine notes. A bit bitter taste.

Winemaking:  After a wine selection it is stabilised by temperature. Once it is clean, the caramel, flavour and sucrose are added. Filtering, sterilizing and bottling are carried out when the analysis is well adjusted.

Quality Control: Sequentially made from raw material to final product throughout all processes as well as the type of material used (PET, labels, cartons, tops etc.) and qualitative and quantitative analysis.